Coding an extendable class

Jeff Epler jepler at
Tue Dec 30 23:08:10 CET 2003

Python sometimes uses "mixin" classes -- see the SocketServer module for
one example in a core module.

So main.Graph would be the real graph class, and
graphtools.hamilton.HamiltonMixin would be one mixin:
    class MyGraph(main.Graph, hamilton.HamiltonMixin):
You could use new.classobj to create a class object with a given list
of mixins at runtime (untested):
    # In Main
    _graph_classes = []
    def add_mixin(m):
        global Graph
        Graph = new.classobj("Graph", _graph_classes, {})


    # In each module that defines a new mixin
    class HamiltonianMixin:
however, having the exact nature of main.Graph depend on what other
modules have been imported is not what most Python users would expect.
I prefer the solution of having the user list mixins by creating a
"personalized" graph class.


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