manpage of python 2.3?

Iwan van der Kleyn none at
Mon Dec 22 20:53:59 CET 2003

km wrote:
>>Of course, you could use links/lynx to view Python's excellent html 
>>documentation from the console.
> may be excellent but  not as comfortable as of Perl  documentation on the system. well thats a poor feature of Python.

It depends a bit on taste and custom, I guess.  On Debian it's a matter of:
~# apt-get -t unstable install python2.3-doc   (install documentation)
~# links /usr/share/doc/python2.3-doc/html/index.html (et voila)

For me pydoc is an indispensible tool searching through the Python 
documentation, added with the Python Docs as generated by epydoc 

On Windows you have the docs in the searchable HTMLHelp format. On other 
platforms you could run an indexing tool on the docs (i.e. htdig).

-- That brings up a thought: I would have expected pydoc to come with a 
search facility for the Python docs. Has this ever been attempted?



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