UserLinux chooses Python as "interpretive language" of choice

David M. Wilson at
Sat Dec 20 18:43:43 CET 2003

Ville Vainio <ville.spammehardvainio at> wrote...

> I don't know if you have seen this before, but here goes:
> There is a jab at Python, though, mentioning that Ruby is more
> "refined".

I read a lot of that last night, and I find it intriguing. It strikes
me as being misdirected on a number of fronts, but that's Linux talk
so I'll skip it here.

I find his rationale for using Python to be poor. It is lumped between
two bullets for 'Mail Transfer Agent' and 'Java-like environment'. His
reasoning for using Python is terse - essentially because he couldn't
use Ruby.

Maybe he was typing this up in a rush, but regardless. The reasons he
has given for making Python the primary 'interpretive'(wtf?) language
are unclear. I could think of a hundred reasons for it, but that's not
my job, it's his.

I wouldn't call what he said a jibe, given that he shows no
understanding of what Python is about. If he isn't or hasn't been an
enlightened one, then how can he insult us? :)


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