Looking for a Python accessible OS framework.

Gary Herron gherron at islandtraining.com
Tue Dec 2 00:44:52 CET 2003


I'm going to be teaching an Operating Systems course in a Computer
Science department of a nearby college.  I'm currently searching
around for interesting programming projects for the students.  It is
my hope (and of course the reason I'm posting to this list) that I can
have the students program in Python and access some framework that
allows the exploration of various OS topics.

So even though this is more of an operation system question than a
Python question, I though I'd start here and see if anyone knows of an
OS teaching framework that could be accessed from Python.  I do SWIG
competently well, so I'd be able to create the interface.

In my search of the web, I did find one possibility, called RCOS, at
http://cq-pan.cqu.edu.au/david-jones/Projects/rcos/index.html, but it
seems to have gone inactive about six years ago while converting from
from C++ to Java.

Thanks for any pointers,
Gary Herron

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