Flat file database

remco remco at localhost
Tue Dec 23 10:15:24 CET 2003

"Art Decco" <please.dont at email.com> wrote:
>Is there any Python module designed to simplify the use of a plain text file
>as a flat file database?
>I realize that's a bit vague, but I'm just wondering about the best approach
>for creating a little database-backed CGI app using Python on a server with
>no real database available. The server belongs to the ISP, and I don't get
>to install "real" software, but they do have a cgi-bin directory for me, and
>they do have a relatively recent Python, so I've got Python cgi apps working
>via "#!/usr/local/bin/python". I can get the apps to write and read plain
>text files right in the cgi-bin directory, too, so I can use that as a
>simple, flat file database.
>Now, the question is, do I write all the database
>access/update/sort/search/etc. features myself, or is there some Python
>module that has implemented some useful functions that I should build on.
>I'm pretty new to Python (though not to programming), so if there's a
>standard way most skilled Pythonistas would approach something like this,
>I'd like to know what it is. And if there's something that goes beyond flat
>file and has some relational support as well, all the better.
>Thanks for any suggestions.

You could see if the Berkley db is available (bsddb module). 
The Berkley DB is normally builtin. It behaves like a dictionary, and is
simple and straightforward. 

Remco Boerma

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