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Fredrik Arnerup e97_far at
Wed Dec 10 01:52:24 CET 2003

Vams <gte181u at> writes:

> Problem:
> ---------- gtk.main() -------------
> The GUI won't show up w/o calling this function.  And if I do call
> this function, the control of my program will stay in the mainloop
> until it exists (GUI closes).  This stops the daemon from doing what
> it normally does.
> So, what do I need to do?  Should I have the gtk.main() in its own
> thread or something?  Or can I somehow extend the gtk.main() so that
> it does my program's tasks while keeping an eye on the GUI?

I don't know if running mainloop in separate thread is a good idea. I
suggest running your main program in a separate thread.
(See the faq on threading:

An alternative is to use gtk.timeout_add() to call the main program at
regular intervals.

Fredrik Arnerup <e97_far at>

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