wxPython / styles and marks in TextCtrl

Logan logan at phreaker.nospam
Tue Dec 2 11:56:09 CET 2003

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 20:47:38 -0600, Edward K. Ream wrote:

> Probably it would be a good idea to investigate the wxStyledTextCtrl.  There
> are examples of using it in the wxPython demo program.  This control isn't
> documented in the main alphabetical list of classes in the version of the
> docs I have.  Iirc wxStyledTextCtrl is a wrapper for the scintilla classes.

Hello Edward; thanks for your answer!

Yes, StyledTextCtrl is a wrapper for Scintilla; the wxPython
documentiation for it can be found here:


But actually, I was looking for something more 'light weight'; e.g.
to write my own Scintilla-like component (which I would not like to
base on Scintilla :-)

Calling Scintilla (STC) the heavy weight champion and TextCtrl an
amateur, I think there is something missing just in between.


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