Python vs Unix shells

Paddy McCarthy paddy3118 at
Sun Dec 14 12:16:37 CET 2003

William Park <opengeometry at> wrote in message news:<brg1jf$2v6cj$1 at>...
> In <comp.lang.python> Paddy McCarthy <paddy3118 at> wrote:
> > This is really a comment on "Python in Systems Administration: Part I
> > -- Better Scripting"
> >
> > by Cameron Laird.
> > 
> > Reading the article, although I am a fan of Python, I kinda take issue
> > with the example given. It doesn't seem to fit with the concept of
> > 'many smaller utilities doing one thing well, connected via pipes'
> What did you expect from a Python consultant?  He has the right to make
> a living and advertise his expertise.

Hi William,
I don't understand why you made your comment?
I was expecting replies of maybe "the pressures of getting an example
to fit the article made his example maybe a little artificial" (but
still useful). or people agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of
modules that are also Unix scripts.
I can't see how Cameron being a consultant has anything to do with it.

Cheers,  Paddy.

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