portable development -- python for the pda?

Mark Lutz lutz at rmi.net
Wed Dec 3 18:07:04 CET 2003

anton at vredegoor.doge.nl (Anton Vredegoor) wrote in message news:<3fcc9577$0$7676$3a628fcd at reader1.nntp.hccnet.nl>...
> lutz at rmi.net (Mark Lutz) wrote:
> >I'm using Python on a Sharp Zaurus C760 these days,
> >one of the Japan models that you can get converted
> >to English from a number of importers.  It comes
> >with a full VGA (640x480) swivel screen, and a nice
> >keyboard.  The keyboard isn't full size, but it's 
> >much better than the thumbs-key input of most PDAs. 
> [...]
> Third and most important point for me is that I have some application
> I want to use it for, it's my own little pygobo freeware script that
> "nobody" wants to download but which is in my opinion the best
> sgf-file viewer for baduk there is (at least for someone that can
> program Python). However this viewer is written using TKinter and
> there seems to be no such thing as Tkinter on any pda.

Actually, I should have done a bit of googling on 
this myself, before responding on the Tkinter issue
yesterday.  You can find information about running 
Tk on the Zaurus here:


Still not a simple task, but it looks possible.  It looks
like you'll need to get X and Tk running in one of a variety
of ways, and will probably also need to compile Python's Tk 
interface module to get Tkinter to work.  Again, if I had an
infinite amount of time...

--Mark Lutz  (http://www.rmi.net/~lutz)

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