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Sat Dec 13 22:54:10 CET 2003

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> On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 04:05:39 -0200, Gustavo
Niemeyer <niemeyer at> wrote:
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> Why the https?
> I expect you have a good explanation, but why
not allow the explanation to be
> seen via plain http, e.g., on an introductory
page that might also tell
> enough about the project so people can decide
whether they want to go further?

Accessing above with default IE6 brings up
Untrusted Certificate page.  With choices Proceed,
Stop, AddCertificate (to root table).  It seems
conectiva issued itself its own  certificate.  I
hope this is just silliness rather than a devious
attempt to get people to accept its
self-certification, which I was not about to do.
I know enough that I thought it probably safe to
proceed without adding cert, but not enough to be
sure.   Some people would stop there, and I might
have on another day.  I recommend you take this up
with conectiva.

Terry J. Reedy

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