More info on my Python problem...

JD lists at
Tue Dec 16 03:56:21 CET 2003

This is more details about my problem,   which I already managed
to post as a Python bug to Sourceforge

This problem is not related to the bug I encountered earlier,  and
this is related to a question I have about Python hanging up
either from a shell,  or my importing a module.

I want to figure out if this really IS a python bug,   but I suspect
that if it hangs up the console,  it would be a bug.

  Is there someone who I might contact
via phone to walk me through this? (Assuming I can't get adequate
information here? Or does anyone care about Python bugs?) This is in
Python 2.3.3c1 on OpenBSD (though I doubt the OS matters). The symptom 
that I run my program and Python locks up. I cannot control-C or 
to get out of it; I have to log in separately and kill -9 the process. 
process is listed as "D+" while it is hung, though it doesn't seem to be
accessing the disk, and I'm quite sure there are no disk problems 
I'm not physically next to the server, so I can't check the drive LED).

How should I approach debugging this? Are there Python tools? Or should 
use gdb? ktrace? systrace? I'm assuming I have to do this, as a bug 
which reads "Python locks up" isn't to useful.


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