Bug in glob.glob for files w/o extentions in Windows

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Mon Dec 1 05:04:53 CET 2003

"Georgy Pruss" <see_signature__ at hotmail.com> wrote:
>"Jules Dubois" <bogus at invalid.tld> wrote in message news:nj2k03e19clm$.uctj11fclu96$.dlg at 40tude.net...
>| It's bizarre but that's the way it works.  If you try
>|   dir /b *
>| does cmd.exe list only files without extensions?
>By definition it's the same as *.* if my memory serves me right.

Actually, truth being stranger than fiction, the NT-based systems and the
16-bit systems (95/98/ME) will give you different answers to this
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