Tkinter and OS X 10.3?

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Wed Dec 31 05:33:10 CET 2003

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Brian Parkinson <parki at> wrote:
>I have tried to get Tkinter working on my Mac (OS X 10.3). I installed
>MacPython 2.3 and the TclTkAquaBI-
>When I type:
>import Tkinter
>r = Tkinter.Tk()
>I get a window all right, but clicking on the window causes the
>following error:
>SetFrontProcess failed,-606

I've got OS X 10.3.2, MacPython 2.3, and TclTkAqua-8.4.4.dmg; it's
working okay for me.  (My threaded Tkinter app works better than the
non-threaded version. ;-)
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