Why Python won't work on .net

John J. Lee jjl at pobox.com
Tue Dec 9 19:04:56 CET 2003

martin at v.loewis.de (Martin v. Löwis) writes:

> allenabethea at aol.com (Allenabethea) writes:
> > Why is python incompatible with .net? Why can't python be coded in
> > C#?
> Who says that it cannot be coded in C#. It is a matter of fact that it
> currently isn't, but it would be possible to reimplement the Python
> interpreter in C# (instead of implementing it in C).
> As for generating MSIL byte codes: This is also possible, and has been
> demonstrated. It also has been demonstrated that an initial
> implementation is likely to be *very* slow.


"""Jim Hugunin is at it again""":


"""I've been working off and on for the past couple of months on a new
implementation of Python for the CLR called IronPython.  It compiles Python
programs into verifiable IL and then dynamically executes them."""

Interestingly, many of the (micro-) benchmarks show that IronPython is
*faster* than Python 2.3.

> The question is whether a Python implementation for .NET would be CLS
> compliant (CLS == Common Language Specification). The existing
> implementation has shown that this is not possible without giving up
> parts of the Python semantics.

Still true, I guess.


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