Accessing Python script with ColdFusion

Jay Dorsey jay at
Sun Dec 7 15:42:22 CET 2003

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 01:55:02AM -0800, Michael Wood wrote:
> I've tried using a timeout of 1 and 3. It didn't make any difference. I 
> also just tried setting the outputFile argument to a file in a folder that 
> I know is accessible to CF. It created an empty file. So no joy there.

In my experiences CFEXECUTE is buggy (along with most of the other CFtags that do anything worthwhile--CFHTTP, CFMAIL, etc.) You might be better off doing a CFHTTP to a Python CGI script which runs the mailman script (popen() would probably work).

Are you certain the script is being executed properly (whatever action you choose is actually being performed)?  Have you tried wrapping the CFEXECUTE in CFSAVECONTENT as I mentioned earlier as well? If you're not getting anything written to a text file it probably won't matter because it seems nothing is getting returned by the tag.

I would suggest working with a simple python script for debugging. It might be something as simple as redirecting sys.stdout. It seems to me though that if you're getting a message back when you run it from CLI, CF should be getting a message back as well. If I had access to a CF box I'd probably be able to work it out for you, but right now I don't.


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