How to fresh or delete a file in azip-archive via zipfile module?

Евгений Косенко eugine_kosenko at
Sun Dec 7 19:59:06 CET 2003


I need to fresh a zip-archive using zipfile. However, it seems it is no 
function to fresh the archive. When I use the append-mode of ZipFile, the 
written file is merely appended to the archive while the old copy is still in 
the archive. As a result, there are several files with the same name in the 
archive. Is it valid state of the archive?

I would to achieve the result using a delete/remove operation, but it is also 
is not defined in the zipfile module.

The method I use now is the recreation the archive each time from scratch. Is 
it possible to resolve the situation in a more simple way?

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