Is anyone using Python for .NET?

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Sun Dec 21 02:40:24 CET 2003

On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 19:25, Mark Hammond wrote:
> > 	Just wondering, because this discussion peaked my
> > interest.. but why do
> > you disagree.. I understand your opinion that the market right now for
> > this product are "average" programmer's who happily except
> > being dumbed
> > down.. but why (if you do) do you disagree with his statement
> > about .NET
> > support being advantageous to *nix.
> I wasn't clear.  I believe it will be advantageous to *nix, but not
> necessarily in terms of directly reusing code originally written "for
> Windows".
> It is just that the biggest market now in Windows is for these large
> insurance companies writing "business logic" etc, and that I doubt any of
> *that* code will end up running on Linux.
> > I don't believe he's saying that. What I think he's saying is that
> > Microsoft developed it to basically make there Operating System's that
> > much more tasty, and advantageous.. because when developing with .NET
> > they will not be hindered with incompatible legacy
> > applications. Whether
> > this is true or not I do not know, I haven't yet looked into .NET as a
> > solution.
> Right - if he was simply stating "MS continue to innovate in order to
> continue selling OSs", I agree.  Let's not forget programs like Office
> though too - .NET could help these products at the *expense* of their OS
> division, assuming things ever got good enough to run a .NET forms based app
> on *nix.  If programs are written to .NET, the OS no longer matters.  In
> theory of course :)

 So it's not that you don't believe a program developed w/ .NET in
Windows could "technically" run on *nix with proper .NET support but
that there wouldn't be a good enough incentive or.. any real want for
these insurance companies to begin running their applications on
alternative platforms.. so in effect, this option will just be largely
unused and go to waste. Drawing from my experience, I can agree with
 One question, since I do not know much about .NET or it's reason to
exist.. How does it handle the gui/widgets? Through its own libraries or
must you rely on what is made available to you by your chosen
programming language? I'm not sure how "open" .NET is intended to be,
but assuming that any provided libraries would be windows based.. that
would make a *nix clone annoyingly more involved (along w/ often
overly-debated decisions, such as which library/widget set(s) to
support.) The alternative, through what was already provided by the
programming language would seemingly cut severely into attempts to be
open and portable since a good many systems for example, may not have
wxWindows, tk, or other popular alternatives in Python's case.

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