Idle won't start

Kerry Neilson kmneilso at
Mon Dec 15 16:57:47 CET 2003

Michael Hudson <mwh at> wrote in message news:<m3vfoi9zap.fsf at>...
> kmneilso at (Kerry Neilson) writes:
> > For the past couple of months, Idle won't start when I invoke it.  I
> > am at a complete loss for why this is.  When this happens, they python
> > command line still starts, and python works fine otherwise.
> > Most interesting to me is that a reboot won't fix the problem.  But if
> > I just try it again sometime later it will work.  Anyone have any
> > ideas?  I'm running python 2.3 on windows 2000 professional.
> Do you have any firewall type software?  Some Windows firewalls
> apparently believe trying to open a socket to is a dastardly
> attempt to compromise your privacy...
> Cheers,
> mwh

No firewall.

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