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Wed Dec 10 21:39:07 CET 2003

Instead of being the newsgroup cop, maybe you should use a little humility
and actually read the post. It's guys like you that scare newbies from
newsgroups. I'll bet you didn't know everything when you posted your last


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> Jeff Wagner wrote:
> >
> > Is there an Expect-like module for Python that is cross platform and,
for the most part, does what
> > Expect does? A number of years ago, I wrote some Tcl scripts using
Expect for automation. I am
> > trying to convince my good friend who I worked with at the time to try
Python. He said, "what about
> > Expect?"
> >
> > I have heard of a Pexpect but was told that it didn't run on win32 and
he needs win32 and Linux
> > support both.
> Hmmm... let's see what Google brings up...  (typing)
> Wow!  Look at that!  Pexpect is the first hit.  Let's try accessing that
> page and see what it says.  (click)  Ah, there's a "Requirements" link:
> --------------------------------------------
> Python
> Pexpect was written and tested with Python 2.1. It should work on earlier
> that have the pty module. ...
> pty module
> Any POSIX system (UNIX) with a working pty module should be able to run
> The pty module is part of the Standard Python Library, so if you are
running on
> a POSIX system you should have it. The pty module does not run as well on
all platforms.
> I have taken effort to try to smooth the wrinkles out the different
platforms. To
> learn more about the wrinkles see Bugs and Testing.
> Pexpect does not currently work on the standard Windows Python(see the pty
> however, it seems to work fine using Cygwin. ...
> --------------------------------------------
> Okay, Jeff, consider your wrist slapped for not even trying...  :-)
> -Peter

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