Some pygame issues

Lee Harr missive at
Mon Dec 22 22:09:17 CET 2003

On 2003-12-22, Ryan Spencer <jeder at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> 	I recently started up with pygame and after some general playing around
> in it, I started writing a small pong game within it. It's practically
> functional; it loads up a 640x480 window, plays some music, allows the
> user to move his paddle up or down, and has a moving dot. Although, here's
> the issue I've come to find. I wanted to get the dot simply moving back
> and forth on the x-axis - once it collides with x position of the right or
> left paddle, it reverses it's direction. Although, with the current setup,
> it moves, hit's the right paddle, and simply gets locked at that position. 

I use absolute value to make sure the ball goes the right way.

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