Project dream

Michael Geary Mike at
Sun Dec 28 03:01:18 CET 2003

John J Lee wrote:
> ... I looked at the web site (, and decided that
> life is too short to decode marketing hype <0.5 wink>

I'm with you there. :-) But if you have Java enabled in your browser, you're
actually getting a test run of their software right there at the top of the
page. That's "The Brain" running up there. Go to Demos and then WebBrain for
a more comprehensive demo.

BTW, that twirling thingamajig in the middle is an important feature--it has
to do with releasing your intuition or something like that. It's
interesting, but all the swoopy zoomy stuff is not really to my taste. I
guess I like my information plain and simple.


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