Questions about datetime module

Tim Peters at
Sun Dec 7 21:23:35 CET 2003

> I have several questions about the module datetime. The module has
> been added to Python 2.3. It seems that its interface is raw and dirty.
> Who is maintainer of the module?

I wrote most of it, but nobody in particular maintains it now.

> Who may answer for my questions and proposals?

Before doing anything, please take time to learn datetime's history.  Zope
Corporation paid for the development of the datetime module, and its design
was debated extensively on a public WIki:

Post questions to comp.lang.python, and I'll try to answer when I can make
time for it; somebody else may also be able to make time for it then too
(e.g., Fred Drake, Jim Fulton, and Guido were also heavily involved in the

Bugs should be reported on SourceForge.

Proposals are a different story -- they usually won't happen unless you're
willing to write the code, docs and test suite, and can devote a significant
part of your life to arguing.

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