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Fri Dec 26 23:59:18 CET 2003

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>     Bill> I don't know if this is of any benefit but I was using the latest
>     Bill> Opera web browser on my Linux system and happened to try out the
>     Bill> Arabic introduction page on the site.  The url is:
>     Bill>
> Looks gorgeous in Safari.  Again, I don't read Arabic, so I can't tell what
> it's saying, just that it looks nice.  (Arabic strikes me as a very pretty
> language.)
> Interestingly enough, the highlighting is backwards.  If I press and drag
> the mouse button from the right edge of a line, the background highlighting
> starts from the left edge.  It appears Apple doesn't have all the kinks
> worked out.

It looks great in Firebird 0.7 and IE 6.0. But there are still minor selection
problems too. In Firebird double clicking Arabic word sometimes selects extra
characters on the left. Double clicking on English word among Arabic is
badly wrong. In IE selecting English words together with Arabic highlights
the English words in the wrong direction.

Unicode _is_ rocket science <wink>

-- Serge.

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