What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Hans-Joachim Widmaier hjwidmaier at web.de
Mon Dec 15 10:46:01 CET 2003

Jamey Cribbs <jcribbs at twmi.rr.com> wrote in message news:<zFbCb.13106$Vg3.5561 at fe3.columbus.rr.com>...

> I think GTK looks great on Windows and my PyGTK apps have been very 
> stable and responsive.  On a more subjective note, for me, the PyGTK API 
> just fits my brain better than the wxPython one does.  It just feels 
> more seemless to me and things make more sense when I look at them. 
> Like I said, pretty subjective.

I've just more or less completed my first program using pyGTK (all my
previous programs used Tkinter). While I could have done this with
Tkinter as well, I decided to change when I was searching for
something like a terminal widget (for still another project, not yet
started) and there was already a nice example with pyGTK. My first
fears of pyGTK needing much more code (as there aren't zillions of
options for the widget creator but hundreds of methods) were
unfounded, and the early code ran quite well.

There are quite a few rough edges, though, predominantly with Windows:

- Under older Windows versions, the default font isn't found, which
causes endless warning assertions. It ignores the rc file so you can't
simply change the font. (Of course you could work around that, but not
trivially, as I understand.)

- The file selection dialog has no line for the floppy disk ('A:').
It's ok for Unix, but looks alien and ugly under Windows.

- I found no way to stack the windows like I want, i.e. my "file
exists, overwrite?"-dialog pops up _below_ the file dialog and isn't
seen. Despite my attempts to close the file selection first and raise
the other. Under Linux this works fine.

- When I create a button with a stock image, I always get a text
beside it. (Like "Open" for STOCK_OPEN.) It takes some hoop-jumping to
get rid of those.

- Under windows, there's no simple installation that just works. You
have to play with the path so the DLLs are found.

Maybe some of my problems are the result of my newbie status.

OTOH, I did try wxPython a few times, and it always crashed on me
while playing with the demo. Besides, I'm a bit reluctant to use a
framework -- I consider Python to be one -- instead of just a GUI

Just my personal experience and thoughts.


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