True standard Windows app in Python?

Dave Brueck dave at
Mon Dec 29 23:39:26 CET 2003

Alan wrote:
> > > If you want to get the Windows "kite-mark" then probably Python
> > > is not the best solution
> >
> > Why? Just curious, but what specifically are you thinking of? The OP's
> > was pretty vague, so it's hard to tell what the question was really about.
> Well for example writing a fully windows compliant screne saver
> is impossible using Python

You may find this link interesting then. :)

> > > and because you get access to all the windows stiuff when you
> > > need it.
> >
> > That's what ctypes is for. :)
> Gives you access to the types but not the low level win32 APIs.

Are you sure you know what ctypes does? What "low level win32 APIs" are you
referring to?


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