Using python to check the status of a program

J.R. j.r.gao at
Mon Dec 29 03:19:30 CET 2003

"The Jetman" <jetman516 at> wrote in message
news:a38d43b0.0312271424.70a4138c at
> 1st, which OS are we talking about ?  *IF* we're talking about
> Linux/Unix/FreeBSD, then it only takes a few lines:
>   import os
>   import string
>   f = os.popen( 'ps -ax' )
>   s = f.readlines()
>   if string.find( s, 'target_pgm' ) > -1:
>       ####  we found it, so do something....

If the process id is known, use "kill -0 pid" to check if the process is
still running.
Additional, you may need to check if it's coring even the return value of
the kill command is not 0.

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