What GUI toolkit looks the best?

Hans Nowak hans at zephyrfalcon.org
Fri Dec 12 02:39:48 CET 2003

Brian Kelley wrote:

> I hate wxPython's text widget for most of the reasons you described. 
> Plus, since we are using python, why isn't there a .write(...) method 
> for these widgets?  Why can't I use a text widget like:
> sys.stdout = TextCtrl(parent)

The Wax TextBox (which is based on wxTextCtrl) has had a write() method for a 
while, for exactly this purpose.

(http://zephyrfalcon.org/labs/, look for Wax)

> I had to make a wrapper around the text widget to make it behave like a 
> StringIO() class.  It internally did all the necessary conversions to 
> the strings, but now I can use
> widget.write()
> widget.read()
> widget.readlines()
> widget.seek()
> for line in widget:
>     pass

The TextBox control doesn't have the other methods, mostly because I've never 
felt the need to do these things. :-)  The iterator idea is interesting, though.

Hans (hans at zephyrfalcon.org)

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