Chameleon ++

Ewoud ewoud.van.raamsdonk at
Wed Dec 3 12:06:24 CET 2003

Samuel Sagan wrote:
> Hi
> I'm considering starting a new project at SourceForge, codenamed
> 'Chameleon++'.
> The concept is to develop a set of C++ clases and functions that closely
> mimmick the Python fundamentals: lists, tups, dictionnary, built-in
> functions and, later, as many modules as possible.
> This would make it relatively easy to convert Python code into C++, using
> mainly regular expressions and string replacement.
> In other words: compile Python apps via C++.
> Less important, but could come handy at times: the Chameleon++ subset of C++
> would make it very easy for people knowing Python to write in C++.
> (Chameleon++ would not use pointers, etc -- only what we use in Python.)
> Among other things, Chameleon should also provide a pathway to .NET, since
> C++ compiles to .NET. But the main goal remains to compile Python apps via
> the C++ route.
> Before starting, any comments or directions you may have would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Samuel Sagan
I think a major part of what makes python so useful are the modules that 
come with it. Without those it would still take a lot of effort to port
any python app to c++. Do you have any ideas on how you will handle that?


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