ungetch in Python

Gabriel Genellina gagenellina at softlab.com.ar
Wed Dec 24 20:40:10 CET 2003

At 24/12/2003 11:41, you wrote:

>I'm writing a small parser for a minilanguage in Python,
>and I was wondering --- is there any equiv. of C's ungetch
>or Scheme's peek-char in python? That is, is there a way to

No, and neither a getc(), but you can make them easily (provided you just 
ungetc *one* char at a time)

class file_with_ungetc(file):
   ungetbuffer = None
   def ungetc(self, c):
     self.ungetbuffer = c
   def getc(self):
     if self.ungetbuffer is not None:
       self.ungetbuffer = None
       return c
       return self.read(1)

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