Can Python be run off of a CD-ROM?

Maxim Khesin max at
Tue Dec 2 15:38:48 CET 2003

how about using mxCGIPython (a single-file python binary)?
BJ MacNevin wrote:

> Hi all,
> I teach middle school and am currently trying to bring some computer science
> to the students. Our district has a wonderfully linked network throughout
> all our schools... done via MS Windows Network. In order to protect the
> network, our district's IT department does not want things installed on the
> system (or at least makes it VERY difficult to get it done). SO, I am using
> MSW Logo installed onto a CD-ROM... we just stick in the CD-ROMS and run it
> off of them.
> BUT, I am learning about Python and think it is TERRIFIC! So I wonder if I
> can do the same thing... or something similar? Is there a way to install
> Python on a CD-ROM, too, if we don't need it to be accessed from a command
> prompt?
> Thanks,
> BJ MacNevin

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