Why Python won't work on .net

Courageous nospam at nowhere.com
Wed Dec 10 01:28:58 CET 2003

>> It's not. The .net virtual machine is Turing Complete.
>The subject here is imprecise. The issue is that .net performs very poorly with
>dynamic languages.

Yes, I agree. While it would be *possible* to implement most anything
on .net, any language that isn't a close friend, thematically, to C#,
really isn't at home there. The underlying framework is really a virtual
machine designed to implement C#'s features.

Moreover, and more to the point, any other programming language which
does not use these primitives as intended (e.g., uses dynamic composition
to achieve inheritance instead of the framework's primary primitives to
achieve same) will be a second bastard child in the environment, with
glaring warts that will be obvious the moment interoperation is attempted.

Since the *main appeal* of .net is language interop, ...

Well, perhaps that answers the OP's question.


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