Spell checking and Python

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl
Fri Dec 19 21:31:49 CET 2003

William Trenker <wtrenker at shaw.ca> pisze:

> Might want to apply the following patch to __init__.py so that the
> dictionary files are located relative to the installation directory.
> When I first tried running myspell-python (Linux Python 2.3.2) I got a
> traceback -- the dictionary path was wrong compared with where
> setup.py actually installed the dictionaries.
> After the fix, myspell-python worked very well.  The list of suggested
> spellings for a given word is quite good.

Of course, all pathes, fixes and suggestions are welcome. I hope that
this piece of code finally find it's safe harbor at Savannah or SF. I
think that other people also find it worth using.

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