Prototype-based programming

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Thu Dec 11 19:15:50 CET 2003

Now if we can just develop OO-optimized hardware:

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> > You may want to have a look at Io
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> Thanks. That was a good dose of adrenaline shot. :)
> It's amazing to see how people are converging. It's also refreshing to
> see some brains out there. I am over 1 year late in knowing about the
> existence of Io (it came out last year) and over 2 years late in
> hitting upon some concepts. But that's all right. Better catch up late
> than never. :)
> When I saw that Io was prototype-based, I told myself: "OK, smart".
> When I saw statements were message-based, I told myself: "OK, more
> than smart". When I saw that it was designed with full awareness of
> Python and Ruby, I told myself: "OK, very smart". When I saw that it
> has codeblocks ("block" in Io syntax) and weaklinks, I told myself:
> "OK, really smart". When I saw that it can print the source code of a
> block, I told myself: "OK, extremely smart". :)
> Of course, all the fundamentals have been out there before. But it is
> refreshing to see people heading in the right direction.
> regards,
> Hung Jung
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