intro to python books

Kamus of Kadizhar yan at
Sun Dec 14 13:57:49 CET 2003

I'm looking for a good intro to python book.  I'm very familiar with 
programming, but know nothing of OOP or systems (OS type) programming. 
All of my programming experience is in number crunching and generic 
graphics engines (read:  gobs and gobs of matrix manipulations and 
super-efficient sorts), all of it in C.

I've written exactly one program in Python.

So, I need something that covers the finer points of Python - difference 
between ' and " for example - and the greater things beyond that, like 
implicit lists and classes.

I've had good luck with the O'Reilly books in the past, but I have to 
buy everything mail order, so I can't browse easily and see what I'm buying.



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