dynamic typing questions

John J. Lee jjl at pobox.com
Fri Dec 19 23:47:45 CET 2003

"Robert Brewer" <fumanchu at amor.org> writes:

> John Roth wrote:
> > Also, pervasive testing has so many other advantages
> > that I'm beginning to think that debuggers were the
> > single worst invention in history.
> Zuh? Unit testing doesn't replace a good debugger; they work together.
> Unit testing can only show you THAT a test has failed--it can't show you
> where, how, or why. Think of exception handling (and especially

But it can show you where and when and precisely how you broke
something (or failed to get it working in the first place), while the
change is still fresh in your mind.  That encourages thinking about
the cause of a bug rather than chasing after the details of what


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