Is anyone using Python for .NET?

Lawrence Oluyede raims at
Sun Dec 21 20:18:59 CET 2003

Doveclaw <doveclaw at> writes:

>  One question, since I do not know much about .NET or it's reason to
> exist.. How does it handle the gui/widgets? 

The MS .NET implementation has a GUI framework called Windows Forms which
is essentially a wrapper around win32 APIs. See for
furthere infos. Mono (open source .NET implentation) has an alpha support
for them since the only way to go is through wine emulation. Additionally,
mono, provides GTK#, a GTK binding for C# language

> Through its own libraries or
> must you rely on what is made available to you by your chosen
> programming language? 

No, the core programming model and one of the main features of dotNET is
the indipendence of the framework from the language. You virtually can do
the same things with C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, Eiffel.NET and Python .NET in
the future. The only requirement is to adhere to the official standard
(C# and the Common Language Interface of dotNET are ISO standards) and
generate the same intermediate language.

> I'm not sure how "open" .NET is intended to be,

The openess of dotNET is not total but as I said above, some parts of
it are covered by ISO standards.

> support.) The alternative, through what was already provided by the
> programming language would seemingly cut severely into attempts to be
> open and portable since a good many systems for example, may not have
> wxWindows, tk, or other popular alternatives in Python's case.

The more portable way to go to code GUI things in dotNET today is 
to use GTK#.

Lawrence "Rhymes" Oluyede

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