continue and break frustration

Glen Wheeler adsl5lcq at
Sun Dec 14 07:02:30 CET 2003

On 13 Dec 2003 21:44:52 -0800, Paul Rubin
<> wrote:

>Glen Wheeler <adsl5lcq at> writes:
>>   I've been coding in python for a reasonable amount of time now
>> (coding in total for approx. 20 years) and am writing a performance
>> intensive program in python.
>>   The problem I'm having is I want to use break and continue to get
>> out from more than one level of loop.  If I set a variable and then
>> check it my program will take too much of a performance hit.
>>   Are there any alternatives people can think of?
>Raise an exception and catch it.  However, if your function is that
>sensitive to a little thing like that, maybe you need to write it
>differently, for example in Pyrex or as a C extension.  You could
>also try the Psyco compiler.

  I've been using the psyco compiler, and it does help (by about 60%).
  I'm trying to leave writing the function as a C extension as a last
  I will try with exceptions (get it? :).  To the people in the know,
does adding this kind of construct detract from the speed of the code
much?  I do know that try+except can be slower than if+else if
exceptions are generated more often than not, but how much slower?


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