print arabic characters

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Dec 29 11:43:28 CET 2003

Peter Otten wrote:

>>Then, for AL runs, you need to replace European numerals with Arabic
>>numerals (but keeping the LTR order).
> I always thought of numbers as most significant digit first. But the above
> suggests that they are least significant digit first, preserving the
> original RTL directionality.

I'm actually uncertain: I recently learned that our (the European's)
number system was *not* copied from the Arabs, but instead, both
the Arabs and the Europeans copied the numbers from the Indians
in the same time frame.

So it may be that the Arabs have LTR for numbers as it is an
imported writing system.

As I said, I'm uncertain: It may also be that you are right,
and numbers "properly" have the least significand digit first,
and we copied the order from the Arabs.


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