True, False, None

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Dec 5 16:26:42 CET 2003

Douglas Alan wrote:
> mis6 at (Michele Simionato) writes:
> > I never understood why you advocate case insensitivity. I would
> > expect case insensitivity to be a source of bugs: for instance,
> > identifiers with similar names could be confused (es. myfunction
> > vs. myFunction): one would expect them to be different (at least
> > people coming from case insensitive languages) whereas they would be
> > the same.
> When you use a case-insensitive language, you do not typically use
> StudlyCaps at all, so you wouldn't ever write "myFunction".  Instead,
> you would write "my_function" or "my-function", depending on the
> language.  

This is the second ludicrous thing I've seen you write today.  The
first was when you claimed Fredrik Lundh was "dead wrong" about the
use of tuples vs. lists, when your own view is in direct contradiction
to a very widely used convention in the Python programming world,
and supported by the FAQ entry and Guido's own views.

When *I* have used case-insensitive languages, I have certainly used
various forms of capitalization to represent different types of 
information, such as functions or constants.  I am definitely not
alone in this approach, as I have learned it from reading others' 

*You* might not do so, but your opinions are clearly not held by
all other programmers, nor perhaps even the majority, so please
stop writing as though they are.


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