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>>  i am with Win2k and had built a window with Tkinter, it has 3 button
>>  on its topright corner as common window, but what i want is just one
>>  or tow of them. ie, is there any way i can configure the appearance
>>  of minimize, maximize and close button ? 
>Basically, no.  Those buttons are a function of the Windows standard window 
>creation logic.  It is possible to add to or change those buttons (using 
>ctypes) - but you are looking at some pretty hairy and poorly documented 
>routines (such as the required callbacks for each button).
>What you CAN do is use the overrideredirect method to turn off the entire 
>top bar and instead put one of your own (Tkinter) buttons there.  Just 
>don't forget to handle the (closing, moving the window, etc.,) events for 
>the window.

All true.  Yet another possibility:  leave the buttons
in place, but bind alternate actions to them.

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