running non-python progs from python

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Thu Dec 11 00:13:58 CET 2003

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> Hi,
> > Spiffy wrote:
> > > > that indicates that it's supposed to work, don't you think?
> I can understand that you get frustrated that os.system doesn't seem to
> work, but there's no need to shout.

Shout? That's funny, I like that. If I appear to have been angry, it was
directed solely at one person, who for some unknown reason, was more
interested in harassing than helping me.

> I've read the thread, and noticed one odd thing. You said that if you
> execute:
> C:\Python22>playb Canyon.mid
> from the command line, it works.
> Later, you try to execute 'C:\Python22\playb.exe' with Canyon.mid as a
> parameter.
> Did it occur to you that playb.exe may not be located in C:\Python22\ at
> all?

....playb.exe is located in C:\Python22\

> The command-line you said you executed starts playb from within the
> folder, but it could have found playb.exe anywhere in your Windows PATH.
> Can you locate playb.exe on you hard-drive using the Windows Explorer?
> is the exact location the program appears in? Try to use that in you call
> os.system.
> One other useful technique to track down a problem:
> import os
> program = r"C:\Windows\playb.exe"
> filename = r"D:\MIDI\anyfile.mid"
> commandline = "%s %s" % (program, filename)
> print commandline
> os.system(commandline)
> This will print the complete command-line first. You can copy/paste this
> a DOS-box and execute it (from within any directory) and see what happens.
> Good luck,
> Cheerio, Marc.

Thanks for responding and trying to help. Fredo emailed me with a solution
for the problem and now I have working code. yay!

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