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Wed Dec 3 14:14:19 CET 2003

Rasjid Wilcox <rasjidw at> writes:

> >> On Windows, both MySQL and PostgreSQL rely on the Cygwin dll.  It looks
> >> like MySQL has an easier Windows install, but their use of the cygwin dll
> >> outside of Cygwin proper has serious stability consequences if the user
> >> installs another cygwin based program.  PostgreSQL is a 'proper' cygwin
> >> program, but will be harder for non-unix/linux people to
> >> install/administer.
> >> 
> >> You could also consider Firebird ( it
> >> has a native Windows version as well as a Unix/Linux version) or SQLite
> >> ( with PySQLite
> >> (
> >> 
> >> There is also GadflyB5 ( which looks like
> >> it
> >> is written in pure python.  There are probably other options too.
> >>  
> > 
> > Can you give me an advaice about what has a better easy to
> > use/performance ratio.
> Unfortunately, no, since I'm at about the same stage you are (ie, trying to
> work out what to use).
> I have _personally_ rulled out MySQL on Windows (due to it packaging the
> cygwin dll in a non-standard way, since I use Cygwin at work), and will
> only consider PostgreSQL on Windows if I can make the install trivial for a
> non-technical user.
> SQLite does not support Foreign Key constraints, so I think it is out for
> me. Gadfly is not multi-user, so it is also out for me also.
> Firebird is the only full featured open-source database that I know of that
> has native binaries (non-cygwin) for Windows, and also runs on Linux and
> Mac (although a native Windows port of PostgreSQL is in progress).
> Another option that I have is to on Windows use the MDAC component and use a
> MS Access backend database, and use MySQL or PostgreSQL on Linux/Mac.
> See for some info on
> how to access a MS Access database from Python on Windows.
> Without knowing what SQL feature set _you_ are after, it is impossible to
> know what is the best option for you.

Thanks for your advaice and i will think more carefully what i nedd
and read information about the dbs you mention.

> > 
> > I have no see the question yet :-)
> My question was entitled 'Building a GUI agnostic database application'.

I am reading it know.



> Cheers,
> Rasjid.

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