print arabic characters

Alia Khouri alia_khouri at
Thu Dec 25 14:41:54 CET 2003


> I just wanted to tell everyone here, that none of the tips really
> worked. The RTLstreamer class seemed so messed up, and printing
> "\u200F" before my text didn't make any difference!! I can't beleive
> that after all this time, unicode and bidi support still isn't working
> nicely :(

It's not so much that the RTLstreamer class is 'so messed up', but
that, notwithstanding the generous efforts of its author, it remained
untested with RTL Arabic script.

Support for bidirectional text in python will be, as is the case with
all open-source software, a function of how many interested people
need the functionality or want to scratch a common 'itch'.


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