should i switch to IPYTHON interpreter? What is the killer feature of it?

Sean Richards somebody at
Wed Dec 10 20:40:59 CET 2003

Dang Griffith <noemail at> writes:

> On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 11:19:21 +0100, Irmen de Jong
> <irmen at> wrote:
>>Sean Richards wrote:
>>> Tab completion for keywords and methods etc (you can get this in the
>>> standard python shell as well of course)
>>You can? How?
> Press tab after typing part of the keyword/method.
> This assumes you're *not* using Win32.  The documentation says that
> IPython requires the GNU readline function, which I guess isn't
> available with Win32.  Neither is color highlighting.
>    --dang

Actually you can get all this on win32 if you use the cvs version of
IPython and Gary Bishop's Python readline module. There is a URL
and instructions on how to set it up here.
The Python readline module needs ctypes so get that as well.
Works with Python 22 and 23 and gives you readline functionality and
colour highlighting when using IPython under win32. 

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