Learning python 2nd takes time to arrive.

sebb sebb at linuxcult.com
Thu Dec 18 01:33:41 CET 2003

Learning python second edition was first supposed to arrive at the
beginning of November. But the date have been relayed many times to
finally be in December.

Now, we are the 17th of December and he is still not there. I wanted
to have that book just in time to read it in my Christmas vacation,
but I'm not sure anymore that I'll get it for this time.

If someone at O'Reilly or the author of the book or anyone that know
more than me on that can give me a hint of when the book will finally
arrive, it would be great.

I also want to know how many time it usually take for Amazon to have a
book after O'Reilly published it. It's because I always buy my books
with Amazon.


Note : English is not my mother tongue (I'm learning it) so be kind.

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