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>mkdir has the advantage of being fairly simple, although it does feel a bit
>hackish, because that's not what directories are meant to be used for.
>Slightly cleaner would be to use with the O_CREAT and O_EXCL flags,
>I think.  I'm not sure what the portability of those flags is, though --
>whereas creating directories is supported on most platforms I can think of
>> Here's how I think about this:  what does the OS itself manage
>> as a process-referring singleton?  Socket service!  Only one
>> server can be on a port at a time; that's exactly the expressed
>> requirement.
>Sure, but the OS also ensures that only one file/directory can be at a
>particular path at any given time, so that's fine too.  Sockets do have the
>advantage of being automatically cleaned up when the process exits -- sort
>of.  SO_REUSEADDR is probably good enough to get the behaviour you'd want,
Right:  OSs certainly handle filesystems, but there's no
"cleanup", as with sockets.  Also, while O_EXCL and friends
are supposed to be portable, there are a lot of subtleties
to them--and even outright errors, when NFS is involved.

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