New inited instance of class?

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>>So please stop telling people to avoid classic classes.
>Someone better tell Alex Martelli, too, because IIRC he is far more
>gung-ho on using new-style classes absolutely everywhere than I am.  I
>believe he said the only time he uses them is when he forgets to type
>(object), which is about where I'm at. 

There's a big difference between being gung-ho on new-style classes and
telling people to stop using old-style classes.  There's also a big
difference between saying, "I never use classic classes," and, "You
should avoid classic classes."  I'll admit that Alex posts enough that I
don't read everything he says, but I don't recall him going as far as you
do -- and I'd be rather shocked if he did because he almost always
appropriately qualifies his advice.
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