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Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Mon Dec 29 23:14:01 CET 2003

Robin Munn <rmunn at> pisze:

> And if someone else is *editing* the same file as you, it will make
> matters even worse, because they're likely to be using spaces for
> indentation. So you've indented something with one tab, which on their
> screen looks like 8 spaces. They add a line at what they believe to be
> the same level of indentation: 8 spaces. Then you look at the file and
> see their line as being one step more indented than yours. Now try to
> guess what Python will do with that file.

That's why I have set all my editors (UltraEdit, Vim, Kate) to convert
tabs to spaces (1:4) on opening any file. Sometimes this leads to
intendation errors on startup, but having only spaces in files this
error is easy to trace.

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