ANN: Twisted 1.1.1

John J. Lee jjl at
Fri Dec 12 00:42:53 CET 2003

Richie Hindle <richie at> writes:

> [Jarek]
> > Most of the world still blocks execution with synchronous sockets. Event
> > driven programming is not a wholly accepted idea.
> I just came across this in Moshe Zadka's blog.  Not strictly relevant but
> it made me smile:
> "The correct way to explain [async programming] is as some kind of Zen,
> and even Buddhism.
> In order to program on the network, which is filled by buggy and evil
> agents, one must give up all expectations. One must sit quietly, without
> desires to plague the flesh, quietly meditating. Only when an event is
> received, one must react to it, and then get back to meditating. In this
> way, enlightment is achieved. This is why async systems have no read()
> call. Reading from the network means you have expectations of what will
> arrive. If it doesn't, your hopes are shattered. If you have no hopes to
> shatter, you cannot be disappointed."


Now, if he'll just publish that in a glossy magazine and make
asynchronous network programming fashionable... then half of all
programmers will mindlessly stop using threads even when *they're* the
sane way to do the job :-(


If you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, I bet
it makes beer shoot out your nose.

  Jack Handey

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