Anyone use ELSE minor-mode in Emacs?

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Dec 22 17:04:34 CET 2003

[John J Lee]

> I had the impression that Mark's thing (Pythonwin, I think it's called --
> or is that the MFC wrapper?  I can never remember.) used the standard
> library, or hooked in at the C level, so that syntax colouring is always
> correct -- unlike Emacs (and unlike vi, I guess).

You can never be sure to have syntax colouring correct unless you scan
the source from its beginning.  Consider for example that you could have
long sections of Python code embedded in triple quotes, turning it all
into a single long string indeed.  Most editors try to limit the amount
of text to consider for syntax colouring, as analysing a lot of text may
slow down the editor considerably.  They try to limit the analysis to
the currently displayed text, and a bit before, not far.

François Pinard

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